About Us
Aloha MedSpas
A warm welcome from Aloha MedSpas. We always endeavour to deliver the most professional and relaxing services and treatments for our clients. When you visit us at Aloha MedSpas you will benefit from a full line of skin care procedures and treatments, which cater to both men and women. This will help you achieve healthier and younger looking skin. Afterwards, we will recommend a skin care plan to keep you skin looking bright and healthy.
At Aloha MedSpas your health is our concern, so we offer nutrition counseling which will benefit your skin and overall health.
Meet The Team
  1. Natalia
    Natalia is a licensed medical esthetitian and a licensed Laser Hair Removal Professional. She was a practicing dentist for 11 years who decided to change careers to become a skin therapist.
  2. Robert
    Robert is the spa's Director and is a licensed Laser Hair Removal Technician.
  3. Dr. Parekh
    Dr. Parekh is the spa's Medical Director and practiced medicine for 40 years in Midland/Odessa. He is retired now with his family in the Houston metro area.