We are a medical spa in Kapolei in West Oahu in Campbell Industrial Park near the Fire Station
- Brand new equipment, products and treatments to take care of all your skin care needs
- Licensed medical esthetitians and licenesed laser hair removal technicians will serve you well
- Medical director on staff along with referral doctors for suspcious skin conditions or for
  plastic surgery options
  1. Cosmetic Injectables
    Botox or Xeomin treatments can reduce fine lines and wrinkles and give you the appearance of a smooth face that can last from three (3) to five (5) months.
  2. Temporary Facelift/Wrinkle Relief
    Ultrasound treatments can temporarily reduce fine lines and wrinkles or provide temporary face lift for three (3) to five (5) days. These treatments are ideal for your special occasion or a long weekend.
  3. Facial Treatments & Microneedling
    Relaxing facials rejuvenate the skin and take tension out of your muscles. Facials can also be done on your back.
  4. Laser Treatments
    Laser hair removal can be achieved through multiple treatments for all skin typs. We use brand new Alma laser technology which is virtually pain free.
  5. Skin Care
    Treatments for acne, rosacea and other skin conditions can achieve healthy skin again. Glycolic chemical peels, microdermabrasion and ultrasonic treatments can help with anti-aging, eye rejuvenation, and making your skin look younger.
  6. Skin Tag & Skin Blemish Removal
    Treatments using state-of-the-art high radio frequencies and nitrous-oxide can remove your skin tags or unsightly skin growths.
  7. Paraffin & Hair Loss Treatments
    Paraffin treatments can rejuvenate and smooth the skin including your face, hands and feet. Treat your hair loss with Emu oil and scalp massage.
  8. Aromatherapy & Essential Oils
    We offer aromatherapy, hot towel foot and hand exfoliation. Essential Oils from doTERRA offer health benefits:
  9. Nutrition Counseling
    Certified counseling to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle and long-lasting life. Learn how to boost your energy, detox your body, and lose weight naturally with organic Total Life Changes (TLC) products: